August 14, 2014

Introducing GPS Tracking to Employees

Written by Steven Stollery


How to Introduce GPS Vehicle Tracking to Employees
You've made the decision to implement Plug N Track GPS fleet tracking to improve your business. Smart choice! What about staff and drivers? How will they react?


Business fleet owners and managers are sometimes concerned with the potential reaction of employees. Will they be perceived as “Big Brother”? As imperious as fleet tracking may sound to drivers, the benefits reach far beyond measuring employee performance and indeed have significant potential to benefit drivers.


The bottom line is that GPS fleet tracking is simply a tool that helps smart companies better manage expensive resources. And, in today’s competitive environment GPS fleet tracking has quickly become the industry standard for fleet operators to increase productivity, reduce costs, improve safety and customer service. By doing so, employees are afforded more opportunities to grow and prosper alongside a stronger and more competitive company. Not to mention the significant safety improvements made directly as a result of GPS fleet tracking.


It’s important to note that as a rule “high performing” employees have no issues with additional accountability. In fact, high performers welcome it, as accountability is more likely to set them apart from less productive co-workers. The Plug N Track GPS tracking system is designed to just as likely identify high performance as well as areas for improvement. With that kind of tangible evidence at your fingertips the opportunity to reward positive results will no doubt be as powerful a management tool as any. Your best operators will embrace the system and ultimately influence others.


Like any new program the key to introducing and incorporating Plug N Track GPS into everyday practice starts with open and honest communication. You may be surprised how often great ideas for its application come directly from employees!