August 21, 2014

Run a Green Fleet with GPS Fleet Tracking

Written by Steven Stollery


Run a Green Fleet with Plug N Track GPS
Natural Resources Canada estimates that for every litre of gasoline burned, 2.3 kilograms (kg) of CO2 emissions are produced. An average fleet truck travelling 25,000 kilometers a year burns up to 3,000 litres of fuel and produces close to 7,000 kg of CO2.


Operating a “Green Fleet” may not make it to the top of the company's priorities but more and more it simply makes sense that it does. If the ethical perspective of doing your part to help the environment isn't enough, the business drivers of reducing expenses, increasing revenue, while improving customer and employee satisfaction should put it near the top of your company's business priorities.


The choice of vehicles in your fleet and how they’re driven has the most significant impact in greening your fleet. Newer vehicles continue to make strides in fuel economy and Natural Resources Canada estimates that by accelerating gently, maintaining a steady speed, anticipating traffic, coasting to decelerate, and avoiding high speeds, drivers can reduce their fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by as much as 25 %.


In the increasingly environmentally conscious world that we live, businesses that are proactively green are more likely to attract and retain a growing population of eco-minded consumer and employee. By making the commitment to running a green fleet you will also save the company significantly on high fuel costs, excess service and maintenance, and extend the lifespan of fleet vehicles.


Fuel Costs Account for 28 - 30% of Fleet Budgets
Green Fleet Benefits:
  • Reduce Fuel Expenses
  • Increase Vehicle Lifespan
  • Reduce Unexpected Maintenance
  • Build Preference with Eco-Minded Customers
  • Make a Difference by Reducing CO2 Emissions

    Plug N Track GPS makes running a green fleet easy! We welcome the opportunity to help you increase fuel savings and lower CO2 emissions.