September 25, 2014

Top 5 Ways to Increase Savings with GPS Fleet Tracking

Written by Steven Stollery


Increase Savings with GPS Tracking

If your business includes company owned vehicles then you will always be trying to maximize the productivity and efficiency of your fleet. Cutting costs with cutting edge GPS tracking technology is helping more and more fleet operators do just that.


Here are a few of the ways that Plug N Track GPS can help reduce the cost of running your business fleet.


Know Where Your Vehicles Are and Where They've Been


Ever wonder where your fleet vehicles are, when they arrived at their destination or when they left? Do you ever wonder if your policy regarding personal use of the company vehicle is being followed? Ever wonder if you’re paying for time worked and not time wasted? Monitoring the movement of your fleet vehicles in real-time, recorded for visual replay or captured in robust reporting allows fleet operators to answer these questions and much more.


With Plug N Track GPS you can view the location and status of a single vehicle or a fleet of thousands on one powerful GPS tracking platform. Visually replay the route history of any number of vehicles and get comprehensive reporting from an easy-to-use reports and analytics engine. See everything you need, at a glance, so that you stop wondering and start taking the kind of action that will save you money and improve efficiency with the real fleet intelligence.


Monitor Aggressive Driving Behaviour


Monitoring how your fleet vehicles are being driven can dramatically reduce or even eliminate costly driving behaviour. Plug N Track GPS monitors your vehicles for excessive speed, high engine RPM, hard braking and rapid acceleration. Each adds significantly to the operating cost of your fleet, let alone the costs associated with diminished productivity, safety, and reputation.


Natural Resources Canada estimates that improving driving behaviour alone has the potential to reduce fuel consumption by as much as 25%. Well-informed fleet owners/managers use Plug N Track GPS to save significantly at the fuel pump, avoid costly traffic fines, repairs and early maintenance, and fend off insurance costs and premium hikes.


Decrease Unnecessary Idling


Again, according to Natural Resources Canada on just one cold winter day, Canadians idle their vehicles for 75 million minutes and burn more than 2.2 million litres of fuel doing so. To put that in perspective with the fuel used idling on that single day you could run a fleet of 1,100 vehicles for an entire year. A warm vehicle certainly makes for a more comfortable ride but the costs of idling unnecessarily are too high to ignore.


In contrast to our accepted judgement, excessive idling is not an efficient way to warm your vehicle. the fact is, today's computer-controlled engines, even on cold winter days, usually require no more than two to three minutes of idling before starting to drive. Many Canadian fleet operators have implemented idling policies to reduce fuel costs and improve competitiveness. Plug N Track GPS helps enforce these policies with robust reporting and at-a-glance analytics.


Prevent Costly Breakdowns


The high cost of unplanned vehicle downtime is a significant concern for fleet operators. Vehicle's off the road for any amount of time disrupt the provision of service and add tremendous cost to operational budgets. By adopting a proactive approach you'll minimize downtime, improve safety, and save money.


Plug N Track GPS helps by spotting trouble before it happens with built-in Diagnostic Trouble Code alerts collected directly from the vehicle’s Electronic Control Module. Automate regular service and maintenance reminders from the odometer, engine hours or set calendar date. Conveniently track the service and maintenance history of each vehicle in one place that helps maintain vehicles properly and make the best fleet service and purchasing decisions down the road.


Improve Routing and Dispatch


Scenic routes are a great way to enjoy weekend road trips, but cost businesses a lot if taken during the work day. Drivers are expected to take the most efficient routes, which can oftentimes be easier said than done. Inefficient routes, changing weather conditions, road blocks and construction can all decrease fleet efficiency.


Plug N Track GPS provides companies the precise location of every vehicle, routes taken, and shortest routes to the next jobsite. Quickly locate the nearest vehicle to a specific address or an emergency call. And with Google Traffic maps built-in, fleet managers can warn of potential delays and unfavorable road conditions that can hinder a driver’s progress. With real-time information at your fingertips, fleet operators can more accurately plan routes and dispatch vehicles.