November 19, 2014

Avoid Unauthorized Moonlighting with GPS

Written by Steven Stollery


June and Ward Cleaver Love GPS Fleet Tracking

The days of June and Ward Cleaver providing a good living for the family on one income are long gone. Today’s economic reality is there are more multi-income and multi-job households. From 1976 to 2012 the employment rate for women in Canada with children aged 6 to 15 jumped from 46% to 79% and over that same period part-time employment increased to 11.6%.


When families need a third income to make ends meet, there is sometimes less concern for using company assets for their own personal gain. And, with the expense of fleet ownership rapidly increasing this creates problems for companies. The lost productivity and additional expenses attributed to employee's moonlighting with the help of company resources can have a devastating impact on the bottom-line. Just one hour a day of illicit unauthorized moonlighting can add 15% to acquisition and maintenance costs and up to 25% in fuel expenses.


Consider the following stories. There are many like them.

The owner of a company specializing in the installation of new seamless eavestrough systems in Ontario discovered a number of his crews taking on unauthorized jobs during normal working hours. Homeowners in the neighbourhoods that his crews were working would offer them discounted cash rates to complete work on their homes while they were close by. So, on the company’s time and with the company’s equipment and materials, his employees were costing him a fortune in additional expenses, lost productivity, and potential revenue. This business owner was not likely to have found out until it was too late had he not installed a GPS vehicle tracking system. He quickly discovered his vehicles parked for long periods outside of residences without corresponding service orders.


A construction company owner in Vancouver that allowed their vehicles to be taken home after work quickly discovered a number of moonlighting employees after installing a GPS tracking system. One of the perpetrators was using a van to operate his own DJ business on the weekends. He would simply cover the company logo on the van with magnetic signage of his DJ business and regularly put more than 200 additional kilometers on the vehicle every weekend or more than 10,000 kilometers each year. With those extra kilometers the vehicle would reach its useful life 30% sooner and since the company had also issued fuel cards an additional $2,000 was being expensed in fuel every year… to run someone else’s business!

There are many strategies to defend against unauthorized moonlighting but none better than tracking company vehicles with GPS. Plug N Track GPS welcomes the opportunity to help put a stop to illicit moonlighting and give you peace of mind knowing your fleet vehicles are being used for your business and no one else's!