December 10, 2014

Fleet Safety in Dangerous Weather

Written by Steven Stollery


Don't Face Winter Alone Use GPS Fleet Tracking

In 2012 the Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators reported 2,077 fatalities and 10,656 serious injuries as a result of motor vehicle crashes. Over the years these numbers have fallen on average but give little comfort to fleet operators who send drivers out into severe weather.


The economic consequences of motor vehicle accidents in Canada are estimated to cost more than $25 billion each year. Like most big numbers that’s a bit hard to comprehend. The costs are real though and are felt by any size business where death or serious injury is sustained in a work related accident. The economic costs are unfortunately the easiest consequence of them to bear.


Improving the Safety and Security of Drivers in Severe Weather with GPS Fleet Tracking

Fleet operators that have implemented GPS Tracking for their fleets can take additional comfort in knowing that they have taken an extra step to ensuring the safety and security of their drivers. These operators are just a click, swipe, or automated alert away from knowing the whereabouts and status of their fleet. Monitoring the fleet for speed and aggressive driving also allows fleet operators to condition drivers to operate company vehicles more responsibly and greatly reduces accidents. Of course tracking the progress of drivers in remote or dangerous weather conditions provides peace of mind and the ability to dispatch emergency response with pinpoint accuracy to drivers in need of assistance.


Plug N Track GPS Tips and Tricks

It’s simple to monitor the progress of drivers on the road from the office or any connected mobile device. The Plug N Track GPS dashboard or mobile app will tell you at a glance where your vehicle is and the status of that vehicle. If you’re concerned about a driver in dangerous weather conditions you can also set alerts to let you know of any sudden deceleration or set landmarks along the expected route of travel and then set an alert to notify you when that driver has entered and/or exited these areas on the road.

Plug N Track GPS welcomes the opportunity to help bring peace of mind by improving the safety and security of your fleet!