April 06, 2015

GPS Tracking Myths Busted

Written by Steven Stollery


GPS Tracking Delivers DelightDespite the tremendous benefits gained there are still fleet operators hesitant to implement a modern GPS tracking solution because of some common misconceptions. These are the top three. 


Myth # 1: "Implementing and Managing GPS Tracking is Difficult"

Some fleet operators are concerned that they'll have to take fleet vehicles out of service to professionally install, uninstall, or transfer GPS tracking equipment and also worry that using the software to analyze all the new fleet data produced by the system will take more time than they have.


The truth is that with quick install OBDII GPS tracking devices there is never a concern with taking fleet vehicles out of service. The units can be installed by anyone and transferred in seconds. As well, a quality GPS tracking system is easy to operate and allows fleet operators to manage by exception. By simply setting up geo-fences, real-time alerts, and scheduled reports fleet managers have the information they need at their fingertips to take charge of their fleet like never before while spending less time to do it.


Myth # 2: "GPS Tracking is Too Expensive"

Many fleet managers can find it difficult to justify the cost of GPS tracking to owners or upper management. They focus on the initial setup and monthly costs but fail to clearly identify the significant cost savings and productivity improvements that are realized from using a modern GPS tracking system.


The truth is that GPS tracking has the potential to not only offset the costs of a GPS tracking solution but to significantly cut expenses and increase revenue over and above those costs. Significant reductions in fuel usage, overtime costs, improved vehicle service and maintenance, plus increases in the number of scheduled jobs are just a few of the expected positive financial additions and subtractions that are made to the bottom-line. Once fleet operators focus on the return potential rather than the cost, the financial decision to implement GPS tracking is simple.


Myth # 3: "GPS Tracking Systems are All the Same"

Most GPS tracking systems provide a common set of features like current location, geo-fencing, and virtual mileage tracking. This can sometimes make it seem as though the value of GPS tracking systems can be determined by price alone.


The truth is that not all GPS tracking systems are created equal. It’s important that basic features are covered but there are many additional fleet efficiency and productivity boosting features available in today's modern GPS tracking solutions. Advanced features like actual speed and RPM, aggressive driving monitoring, engine diagnostic trouble code detection, automated alerts, service and maintenance scheduling, advanced fleet reporting and analytic's, and mobile device applications across all major platforms add significant additional value to the solution. 


Once the considerable value of GPS tracking is understood you’re on the path to a stronger and more profitable future. Plug N Track GPS welcomes the opportunity to help erase myths and improve efficiency and productivity for your fleet!