June 04, 2015


Written by Steven Stollery


How my Driving Decal
Is it the end of the ubiquitous “HOW’S MY DRIVING?” fleet decal. They’ve served a purpose for sure. It’s not that they don’t work or that they're strategically misaligned. In fact, they do occasionally identify unsafe driving behaviour and can at the very least potentially hold drivers accountable.


So, why might it be the end?


The reality is there’s a better solution. A solution that turns sort of, into for sure. “How’s My Driving?” programs are hit and miss at best. The public will not always witness or report speeding or aggressive driving and if they do, their claims are subjective and frequently refuted by drivers. Claims are rarely substantiated and the program simply becomes a tool for public appeasement.


"Yes sir. Thank-you for your call. Yes, we take these matters very seriously. What was the unit number? How fast would you say it was going when it passed you?"

It's time to take back control!


So, what if you could take control of identifying misbehaving drivers rather than relying on a decal and the public to do the work for you? What if you were able to track and record the driving particulars of every single one of your vehicles? What if you knew for sure when your vehicle was driven too fast, accelerated too quickly, or braked harshly?


A modern GPS tracking solution allows you to do that and more! It lets managers and drivers take control. Inevitably, employees will be empowered to do things the right way simply because they know they're being monitored. It’s not about the business being “Big Brother”. It’s about increasing safety for everyone.


What will the replacement to your decal be? The image above has a few examples to consider. Let us know if there are any you’d like us to put into production! 


Once the considerable value of GPS tracking is understood your fleet business is on a path to a stronger and more profitable future. Plug N Track GPS welcomes the opportunity to help you eliminate aggressive driving in your fleet!