July 17, 2015


Written by Steven Stollery


GPS Tracking Delivers Delight
Good business is all about delivering a customer experience that keeps them coming back for more! You can have the best product and lowest prices but if you can’t meet or exceed your customer’s expectations, then long-term success will remain in jeopardy!


Special Attention

If your business relies on fleet vehicles to deliver the goods, then pay special attention. Timely service is a cornerstone of your business and a key measuring stick of your customer’s experience. Getting the right fleet vehicle to your customer on time and on target is mission critical.


There are factors other than timeliness that impact your company's reputation. Fleet vehicles that speed by just to slam on the brakes in front of you at the next stop light, fleet vehicles spotted at a gentleman’s club in the afternoon, a fleet vehicle broken down on the side of the road being readied to be towed by the auto club. In these scenario’s, the money invested to put the logo on your vehicle might actually have had the reverse effect to what was intended.


Timely Service

As one well known fleet business (FEDEX) said in a series of memorable advertisements “Waiting is frustrating, demoralizing, agonizing, aggravating, annoying, time consuming and incredibly expensive.” All of us at one time or another can attest to the truth in this advertising. Moreover, when recalling such experiences we can also attest to the impact that waiting had on our opinion of that service provider. No matter how efficient, courteous, or complete the transaction was before or after “waiting”, the bitter taste of how long it took poisoned our overall impression of the business.


Fleet businesses must especially strive to ensure that their customer's expectations of wait times are not only managed but met (hopefully exceeded). Modern GPS tracking systems give businesses with fleet vehicles a competitive advantage. They’re able to easily improve response times with closest to dispatching and efficient routing tools as well as to confidently set expectations with accurate ETA’s.


Brand Misdemeanors

“A brand is the sum of the good, the bad, the ugly, and the off-strategy.” Scott Bedbury (NIKE/STARBUCKS)(excerpt) A New Brand World

The examples where fleet vehicles are aggressively driven, spotted at inappropriate locations and times, or driven past their best before dates can all be added to the bad, ugly, and off-strategy columns of this brand definition.


Ensuring your fleet vehicles are fully productive and acting in the best interest of the company at all times is essential. A modern GPS tracking system gives fleet businesses a leg up. Confirm that fleet vehicles are driven responsibly with aggressive driving monitoring, that they’re where they're supposed to be with automatic location updating, and in good repair with service and maintenance reminders and diagnostic trouble code detection.


Once the considerable value of GPS tracking is understood your fleet business is on the path to a stronger and more profitable future. Plug N Track GPS welcomes the opportunity to help you deliver great experiences!