August 22, 2016


Written by Steven Stollery

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Many fleet operators struggle with the decision to either implement a GPS tracking solution across their entire fleet or just for certain vehicles and equipment pieces. The potential value that a GPS tracking system can deliver is easy to see.


Increasing productivity, trimming fuel and maintenance costs, improving safety and the service delivered to your customers can simply be extrapolated. But, is it better to equip just a portion of your fleet or maybe a single department that you feel is experiencing challenges?



When determining the extent of your implementation, consider why your business has decided to look into GPS tracking in the first place. Perhaps, you feel the production of your mobile service team has declined, or you’ve seen a rise in customer complaints in billing, or noticed higher undue mileage on delivery vehicles. The trouble is, if you’ve identified challenges like these or others like speeding, unauthorized use, or excessive idling in any area, it’s likely these kinds of issues are occurring right across your business. To get the most out of a GPS tracking solution, it’s a good choice to track your entire fleet to maximize its benefits.



Perhaps there isn’t the budget to go all-in at the outset. The smart thing to do in this situation is to trial a GPS tracking solution on a portion of your fleet. This will most likely demonstrate that the technology dramatically changes your fleet business for the better. So, when all reservations have been removed, you can implement the technology to your entire fleet in stages. It’s better to start tracking the vehicles and equipment that you can now rather than not at all. As your fleet business begins to incrementally reduce costs and increase revenue with the help of GPS tracking, you'll make room in your budget to implement across your entire fleet.



The most important aspect of your decision to either implement on a portion or the entire fleet is to make full use of this powerful tool! There is less to be gained and a finite return on your investment without taking advantage of all of its powerful functionality. Identify your business challenges, use alerts, reports, test and tweak, and explore all of the functionality it possesses to help solve these challenges and get the most from your investment.


At Plug N Track GPS you don’t just get a powerful GPS fleet tracking solution; you get second to none training and support to help you do this. To learn more about how implementing a GPS tracking solution will benefit your business, contact Plug N Track GPS or schedule a free demo!


Plug N Track GPS can help you on the path to a stronger and more profitable fleet!