September 30, 2016


Written by Steven Stollery


Converging Roads of GPS Tracking Priority
There are lots of reasons why fleet safety initiatives should be a top priority. Not the least of which is the health and well-being of drivers and the public at large. The reality is that other objectives tend to get the lion’s share of attention.


It’s more intuitive to focus on improving inefficiencies and growing earnings. That’s why your fleet exists, right? Produce revenue and profits. Turn those dials and you’ve made a direct impact on the business. Improving safety though — well that can seem like letting a second rabbit out of its cage.



The well travelled proverb says that if you chase two rabbits you catch none. Its message legitimately describes what happens when your focus is divided. The reality in this scenario is that the goals of fleet efficiency and safety are in many ways intertwined like converging roads. You would be surprised of the impact that improving fleet safety can have on efficiency. Essentially, if fleet efficiency and fleet safety are rabbits you catch them both. If you’re looking for ways to optimize your fleet operations, you should look at how a safety initiative can compliment your efficiency goals.


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Can enhancing the safety of your fleet really have a hard return on investment? There are a number of ways that making safety improvements can impact the bottom line. The simplest connection to a hard return is that by cutting back on unsafe driving behaviors like speeding, hard braking, and excessive accelerations you significantly reduce fuel usage, which equates to dollars saved. Reducing these behaviours also reduces wear and tear on vehicles and can equate to lower service and maintenance costs. And finally, safer driving practices result in fewer accidents, which save a fleet operator on not just the cost associated with the accident itself (vehicle repair or replacement, worker time off) but can also result in lower insurance premiums.



Fleet safety initiatives may take less time and resources than you think — especially if you’ve already invested or are planning to invest in today’s GPS fleet management systems that are well equipped to monitor and measure your fleet's driving activity. Simply choose an unsafe (inefficient) driving behaviour that you feel drivers are challenged with, and put your focus there first. You can always broaden the scope over time, but starting with a small area prevents the initiative from becoming overwhelming. It’s also very important to engage drivers. Consider using incentives — the more they understand the reasoning behind any initiative the more they'll buy into the project and the easier and more successful you will be.


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