October 16, 2018

GPS Tracking Just Got Easier

Written by Devon Tamagi


Portable GPS Tracking Device
Need a GPS Tracker that can be plugged into a cigarette lighter or 12V outlet? Works in vehicles or equipment? Our newest GPS Tracking device is for you.



GPS tracking and telematics has historically been a process of pairing devices with vehicles and cellular plans with budgets. Wire diagrams and permanent device installations have been a barrier to entry for many fleet managers or small business owners looking to gain more insight into their fleet activity. However, that has all changed with the introduction of the PNT2000WRCIG from Plug N Track GPS, otherwise known as the Portable GPS Tracker! The Portable GPS Tracker can go anywhere and track anything. Specially equipped with a 12V adapter that allows you to be flexible with your GPS tracking and save money in the process.



Although the Plug N Track Portable GPS Tracker is designed to be kept inside the cab of a vehicle or piece of equipment, it is still built with sturdiness and ruggedness in mind. Things such as smoke, coffee, dust, and other particulates circulate inside the cabs of vehicles and equipment alike. And if these particulates come into contact with the inside of your electronic devices it could be bad news. Let alone what happens if water comes into the picture. Luckily at Plug N Track GPS, we considered this possibility when designing the Portable GPS Tracker, the device is equipped with an IP65 rated enclosure that secures your investment. But what does IP65 mean?

IP stands for “Ingress Protection”, which is an international standard set by the EU. The ratings themselves define the levels to which electrical enclosures can resist the elements. The two numbers following “IP” represent the protection type and quality. The first is in regard to particulate protection and has a max rating of 7. This means that the Portable GPS Tracker has a particulate protection rating of 6, protecting against dust and larger particulates that may harm equipment but isn’t completely airtight, making the device is more cost effective. The second digit is the devices level of moisture protection and has a max rating of 9. Therefore an IP65-rating device is protected against water spray a garden hose, from all directions. So you won’t have to worry about drivers and operators spilling their coffee on the tracking device. Just make sure they aren’t fully submerged in water and you're good to go. 



We know many small businesses have room to optimize their fleet activity, reducing costs and boosting profits. But the viability of outfitting every vehicle and piece of equipment with GPS Tracking may have seemed daunting or financially inefficient. That's why the Portable GPS Tracker is perfect for small business. Simply outfit each driver/operator with a Portable GPS Tracker and they can use it in a variety of assets. For example, employees can simply unplug the tracker from their truck and transfer it over to a piece of equipment (or any other applicable asset) as long as it is outfitted with a 12V outlet. This allows one operator to track multiple assets while the company need only pay for a single device.

Additionally, the Portable GPS Tracker has a zero-current draw sleep mode. This allows you to keep the device installed in an inactive asset for long periods of time without draining the battery. Thus preserving the condition of your asset without sacrificing theft safety.



At Plug N Track GPS, we are always looking for ways to make GPS tracking easier and more cost-efficient. Get in touch with us today for more info!