June 28, 2016


Written by Steven Stollery


The old expression about being too involved in the details of a problem to look at the situation as a whole is an important idea for fleet owners and managers to consider. Knowing where your fleet vehicles are and what they’re doing at any point in time are important details gained with the help of a GPS tracking system. To truly gauge and manage the performance of your fleet as whole, you need to view it from a higher elevation.



Significant strides to managing your fleet more efficiently and effectively can be made when armed with the details. Are your people where they should be, are they stopped or are they moving, how far are they to the next destination? Having the answers at your fingertips to these important questions affords you the confidence to make better decisions on an hourly and daily basis. Just the knowledge that vehicles are being tracked deters most any unproductive activity and easily allows for the enforcement of policies like after-hours use, idling, or excessive travel speed. As well, the ability to advise your customers on how far for example their service technician is away from them, takes your business to an entirely new level against the competition. With all of that, you might ask yourself who needs to see the forest. What more could you possibly need?


THE FOREST The truth is that with a higher level assessment of your fleet as a whole you are much better equipped to make longer-term sustainable fleet performance improvements. Rather than simply managing hourly and daily activities you’ll see your fleet from a new angle. Imagine being able to gauge the utilization of your entire fleet to optimize vehicle allocation or to see service and maintenance costs across the fleet and make more informed replacement decisions. Evaluate driving behaviour over time and against one another. Have a Fleet Leaderboard for speeding, excessive acceleration, hard braking, over-revving, and wasteful engine idling that can be compared over time and against groups or individual drivers. Set progressive benchmarks and manage fleet drivers to those targets with incentives and penalties that will save costly fuel expenses, improve safety, extend vehicle life and protect your company’s reputation.



As good as the details are for managing your fleet there may be no better management tool than the big picture. With powerful analytics to dissect the data and determine patterns from a mass of detail, you can turn overwhelmed to understood.


Plug N Track GPS can help you on the path to a stronger and more profitable fleet!