April 02, 2018


Written by Devon Tamagi


Geo-fencing is one of Plug N Track GPS's most popular tools. It helps fleets with a variety of goals and if utilized properly significantly reduces exposure and risk, while simultaneously boosting efficiency.


A Geo-fence is a virtual area that you create on the map in the Plug N Track GPS system. This area can be any shape or size and can be tied to any area or roadway, tailored to your specific needs. For example, if one of your vehicles equipped with our GPS tracking device enters or exits a Geo-fenced area, fleet managers can receive instant notifications via SMS text message or email.


Want to know if a driver is approaching their destination without having to constantly visually monitor them in real-time? Or perhaps you're suspicious that drivers are spending too much time over lunch, or driving too fast in restricted areas. With Geo-fence virtual landmarks you can track and monitor all activity within that zone.



One of the most obvious uses of Geo-fences is theft prevention and recovery. But where does equipment theft happen? Typically cities that are experiencing an industrial boom or are located by a major port, experience the highest rates of equipment theft. This makes sense since the more equipment there is in any given location, the more likely it is to attract thieves looking for an easy target.


In the United States, annual estimates of the direct cost of equipment theft range from $300 million to $1 billion, with most estimates being in the range of $400 million a year. Only 21% of stolen equipment was recovered in 2016. These numbers don't account for commercial vehicle thefts. Ford, Chevrolet, and Dodge pickup-trucks accounted for the 3rd, 4th, and 7th most stolen vehicles in the United States in 2016. A large portion of these likely being company fleet vehicles, as they are typically base models with fewer anti-theft features.


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GPS tracking and geo-fences have saved companies thousands, and Plug N Track GPS customers are no different. In our Napa Autoparts article, we outline an instance where a company vehicle was stolen and retrieved in record time using our GPS tracking system. The police cited it as "the easiest stolen vehicle case they ever had".



Beyond theft prevention and recovery, there are quite a few efficiency benefits that come from the active use of geo-fencing. Firstly, geo-fencing can optimize payroll and overtime. If you have contractors or employees who work on an hourly basis. Geo-fencing can monitor when they arrive at job sites and when they leave, meaning that time worked equals time paid. With accurate records, you won't ever inadvertently overpay. This means you have more resources to get more jobs done, and everyone is operating more efficiently. Which boosts your bottom-line.



Sometimes equipment and fleet vehicles aren't being used for their intended purpose. Whether it be for personal use, moonlighting, or other non-business related activities, there are plenty of miles that fleet managers wouldn't necessarily greenlight. But these activities usually don't happen during working hours, and a fleet manager isn't going to sit in front of their computer at home endlessly monitoring fleet asset activity. Making your Geo-fences time sensitive means that you will only be alerted when assets leave the virtual landmark during certain hours of the day (usually at night), reducing unauthorized use and increasing the lifespan of fleet assets.



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