February 09, 2017


Written by Steven Stollery


Fuel Efficiency for Your Fleet
Fleet businesses are always on the lookout for new ways to cut costs and increase productivity for their drivers and vehicles. One of the most significant expenses that fleet businesses face is the cost of fuel.


There’s not much that can be done about the price of fuel, but you can take some simple steps to increase the fuel efficiency of your fleet and pump more money back into your business rather than into your tanks.



Natural Resources Canada estimates that for every 10 kph driven over the posted speed limit is equivalent to adding 7 cents per litre in additional fuel costs. If you do that math across an entire vehicle fleet, you’ll have found a considerable leak in your bucket.


GPS vehicle tracking solutions provide accurate speed information about each tracked vehicle. The best GPS solutions include reporting and the ability to calibrate features to notify you immediately when vehicles exceed set speed thresholds. Plug N Track GPS has extensive reporting including posted road speed infractions. Just the knowledge that speed is monitored slows drivers down and consequently contributes to significant reductions in fuel costs. 


DEVELOP DRIVER BEHAVIOURPlug N Track GPS Fleet Leaderboard Tracking

A related and significant factor influencing fuel consumption is how your drivers… drive... or not drive. Maintaining steady speeds, anticipating traffic conditions and curbing any instinct to over accelerate, hard brake, or idle excessively can save an enormous amount of fuel. It’s a fuel saving mindset that is developed through education and training.

It's difficult to manage a widely dispersed fleet of vehicles but with a modern web-based fleet tracking system you can provide your drivers with real insight. It’s easy to compare driving behaviour across your entire fleet of drivers. Stay on top of your least fuel efficient drivers with consolidated exception reporting and address driving behaviour challenges before they eat unnecessarily into your company’s profits.



A modern GPS tracking system allows you to see the precise location of every vehicle at all times to determine the best routes for your jobs and deliveries. You can ensure your vehicles are taking the most direct route to the job site and easily get lost drivers back on track. Better GPS fleet tracking solutions provide current traffic conditions so you can divert drivers around delays resulting in improved fuel efficiency.

Plug N Track GPS even locates vehicles closest to any point on the map and provides the shortest route and estimated travel time. With this information, you can ensure jobs are assigned in the most efficient manner possible. In addition, fleet managers know if your drivers use vehicles for unauthorized journeys or purposely take extended routes to job sites. Shorter travel times mean reduced fuel costs and more efficient drivers.



Maintaining your vehicles properly will increase the fuel efficiency of your fleet substantially. Some fleet businesses perform maintenance based on an arbitrary time schedule, making repairs that aren't necessarily required based on a date.

Fleet management software allows you to more precisely schedule service and maintenance by automatically tracking odometer values and engine hours which are more relevant ways of optimizing your service and maintenance scheduling. Plug N Track GPS reports diagnostic trouble codes detected by your vehicles. This allows you to go to the mechanic with precise knowledge of what’s troubling your vehicle. You'll save money on repairs and keep your vehicles maintained for top fuel efficiency.



There is no silver bullet to improving the fuel efficiency of your fleet. You'll want to take a comprehensive approach to achieve the significant gains that are possible to your bottom line.

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