April 17, 2018


Written by Devon Tamagi


A Few Bad Apples - Outliers of Fleet Performance
The state of work has been changing. Moonlighting, personal use, and theft are all on the rise, each having unique associated costs. Luckily Plug N Track GPS is outfitted with a wide variety of tools to solve each potential issue.  



Being an employee looks very different now than it did 30 years ago. Thanks to companies like Uber and Air BnB the freelance economy has taken a significant foothold. People are able to supplement their income with services they otherwise would not be able to normally provide. According to a study performed by Upwork in 2016, the number of people who performed freelance work grew to 55 million from 53 million just two years prior. That’s 35% of the workforce in the United States. And of that 55 million, 13.5 million of those are moonlighting.

Moonlighting in itself is not a practice most employers look down upon, because it is simply defined as having a secondary source of income outside primary employment. Where things can get tricky is if the secondary job either infringes on the business of the primary employer and/or if the employee is utilizing equipment provided and funded by the primary employer.




Specifically the ignition alert. If the ignition is turned on you can check to see if there are any open work orders. If there are none then it is a good indication the vehicle or piece of equipment is not being used for its intended purpose. The Plug N Track GPS platform has a plethora of alerts you can configure to be sent via email or SMS/text message. For the purpose of tracking potential moonlighting, we advise setting an ignition alert to trigger if the vehicle or piece of equipment is started during "off-hours". If you consistently receive these alerts, one of your employees could be moonlighting with company assets.


Similar to the abundant number of custom alerts Plug N Track customers have access to, we also have a variety of reports that can help with the tracking of after-hours activity by fleet drivers. Our Overview by Vehicle report indicates engine hours and distance traveled for a given time period. So how can this report tell you if one of your employees is moonlighting? Analyze the average engine hours or distance traveled by all the tracked assets. If one of your vehicles has a significantly higher value in either of those data points, it could be an indication of after-hours usage.


Fleet Replay

The fleet replay menu allows you to audit a vehicle's behavior over time. With this tool, you will be able to see where your fleet vehicles went, when, and for how long. Being able to accurately track activity can give fleet managers the insight required to evaluate an employee's behavior and make sound judgments regarding their after-hours activity, and whether further investigation or intervention is required. 


Moonlighting is only one side of after-hours usage. In our next article, we will explore using company vehicles for personal use as well as theft prevention.