May 07, 2018


Written by Devon Tamagi


Managing after-hours usage with GPS Tracking
In Part1 of our after-hours usage series discussed moonlighting, but there are other aspects of after-hours use that fleet managers should be monitoring.



As defined by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) personal use is: "Personal driving is any driving by an employee, or a person related to the employee, for purposes not related to his or her employment."

Many fleet managers rely on their employees to work independently, requiring a fleet vehicle. Each organization has varying policies regarding the extent that drivers are allowed regarding the personal use of company vehicles. There are several factors though that are not commonly considered during the development of these policies. Tax implications, fuel use, and additional wear and tear on vehicles that can increase long-term and short-term costs. Advanced GPS Tracking systems like Plug N Track GPS have tools useful in cutting down on these extra costs.


The Tools



We know of many fleets where drivers take home their fleet vehicles for things like overtime work, or after-hours service calls. But sometimes the difference between personal use and work-related activities can get mixed up and blended together. A relatively simple way of dealing with this would be to mark a virtual perimeter, or geo-fence, around job sites or drivers homes. Each time the vehicle enters or leaves these areas fleet managers can be sent a notification. If the date and time of these notifications line up with the dates and times of completed work orders, everything is being done by the book.


Just like Hansel and Gretel, vehicles being tracked with Plug N Track GPS leave breadcrumbs behind. Except instead of being made of bread, these crumbs are made of data and tell a story. There are two types of breadcrumb displays you can bring up. A one-touch 24-hour breadcrumb trail and a more in-depth report that goes back for any chosen time period. Every time a reporting interval, heading change, or event is recorded (like idling, stopping aggressively or speeding among others) a breadcrumb is left. Therefore you can reliably trace activity.



Equipment and vehicle theft is a reality many fleet managers are concerned with. Even the most inexpensive of heavy machinery (forklifts for example) are expensive, costing roughly $12,000 on the low end. In the United States alone between $300 million and $1 billion USD of equipment is stolen each year, with Canada having similar proportional statistics. So how is it that so much equipment gets stolen? Well if a vehicle gets stolen, it's possible to identify it using the VIN number. But unlike vehicles, heavy equipment has no such coding or database that stores the information of each individual piece of equipment. Additionally, natural security measures such as keys, are useless because many pieces of heavy machinery have a "one-key fits all" ignition.


The Tools

Alerts (Battery Disconnect, Alarm Sound, Possible Tow)

There are many alerts that are available to fleet managers who use Plug n Track GPS. But there are several that are extremely useful if you are concerned about your equipment or vehicles being stolen. Battery Disconnected and Possible Tow alerts are just two indications of a possible theft in progress. With these alerts, there is no way that thieves will be able to steal your assets without you (and by proxy, the authorities) knowing.


Do your vehicles and equipment stay on worksites or in the yard? Create a virtual geo-fence around any area where your assets will be spending a significant time. You will be alerted via your preferred method if the asset leaves the designated area, meaning you can sit safe and sound knowing your assets are secure

Live-Tracking (recovery)

The ability to track the exact movements of all your tracked equipment and vehicles means you can always locate missing assets. Take a look at the story of one of our customers that experienced the benefits of recovery after one of their vehicles was stolen, see the details here. If you suspect any of your tracked assets have been stolen via the methods mentioned previously, confirm and contact the authorities. Then use the Plug N Track GPS system to direct authorities to the location of the asset for safe recovery.


Plug N Track GPS helps your fleet be more productive and profitable!