November 30, 2018

Simple GPS Tracking Solutions

Written by Devon Tamagi


It's easy to get overwhelmed with the amount of information telematics companies can provide and to be bogged down in solutions your business doesn't need. Sometimes the best answer is to keep it simple.  



From landscaping to field service, fleet managers and owners of small business fleets only have time to focus on their bottom-line and growth and when it comes to fleet management, there’s no exception. Many GPS tracking companies tout gratuitous feature laden tech that won’t be utilized to their full capacity by most companies who purchase it. Nor are those features necessary for the majority of small businesses. Rather they are simply a way to offload more expensive devices, even though they aren’t applicable to your operations. Studies show that most companies who utilize GPS tracking are most concerned with: 

1) Peace of mind, i.e. knowing where their vehicles are and where they’ve been
2) Dispatching and Routing fleet vehicles.


Those are two of the most basic features every GPS tracking device offers. Luckily if this is what you’re looking for, for your own fleet, there are plenty of options out there. It's just important to ignore the features that sound interesting but will ultimately be left unused. The easiest way to do this is to lay out your list of priorities based on what your fleet is currently lacking. For instance, if your business is in the specialty services sector and you suspect you’re employees are spending too much time in between jobs, real-time tracking and historical tracking is what you need. Or maybe your monthly fuel bill seems too high and you suspect your drivers are at fault. Then real-time alerts are what you need, and every time your fleet vehicles have spent an extended period idling, your driver(s) and yourself will be notified.


Once your fleet tracking priorities are laid out, that’s when the search begins. Review each GPS Tracking device and its capabilities, focusing solely on the features that will fill the gaps in your fleets efficiency. Installation is also another factor to keep in mind, many GPS fleet tracking devices require a hardwired installation. There are however a few alternatives that are easier and (in many cases) less expensive. OBDII enabled devices are simple, simply plug it into a vehicles OBDII port and voila, your asset is now being tracked. Want to switch the tracking device over to another vehicle? Simply unplug it from the current vehicle and transfer it over to the next. This process is even simpler with Plug N Tracks newest addition, the PNT3300WRmini CIG. This device simply plugs into a vehicles cigarette lighter or 12v port, making tracking as simple as can be.

At Plug N Track GPS we aren’t interested in overselling you a product you can’t afford with features you don’t need. We’re interested in improving your efficiency and profitability, and sometimes the best way to do that is with a simple fleet tracking solution.


Plug N Track GPS strives to help small businesses just like yours thrive. Our easy to implement and simple solutions can help propel your business by reducing costs, improving efficiency and giving you peace of mind.