January 31, 2019

Stop Wasting Time Tracking Down Fleet Drivers

Written by Steven Stollery



Without real-time visibility to the location and activity of your fleet, significant time and money are being wasted tracking down you’re your vehicles, equipment, and drivers.


Dispatchers and office managers have to make calls or send text messages to drivers trying to figure out their estimated time of arrivals (ETAs) for customers or who might be the closest to the next job or to assign and provide directions to a last-minute rush job just received. Along with this wasted time and the associated payroll dollars that go with it, there are other ways a lack of real-time fleet visibility can be affecting your bottom line.




Another opportunity cost associated with a lack of fleet visibility is the loss of money to stolen vehicles and equipment. Whether it is a vehicle and/or trailer carrying expensive equipment or cargo, not tracking it with GPS fleet tracking makes it nearly impossible to recover. There are major costs associated with replacing fleet vehicles, trailers, and equipment.




Vehicles are travelling billboards for your brand. When they speed down a road, decelerate aggressively behind you at a stop light, visit places they shouldn’t be visiting, it gives the wrong impression of your brand. Unsafe driving and being recognized for the wrong reasons can cause your organization to lose future business. And, you’ll never know that you did.


GPS tracking systems like Plug N Track GPS help resolve these issues by giving you real-time visibility over your vehicle and equipment locations. Real-time location is one of the most common reasons organizations seek out GPS tracking systems. Simply knowing where your vehicles are at any given time cuts down those wasted hours spent tracking them down. Knowing where your drivers and fleet assets are at any time translates to dispatchers and office managers more effectively communicating with drivers and customers. Streamlining this communication leads to improved ETAs for your customers, vendors, and partners by improving routing and getting drivers to job sites faster. GPS tracking systems provide you peace of mind knowing that you will be able to recover stolen vehicles and equipment quickly. Referencing their location with a real-time map, you will be able to alert the authorities on the exact location so they can take immediate action. You will also have the necessary data to curb poor driving behaviour and coach them toward better habits on the road.