Cellular Coverage

Canadian GPS Cellular Coverage Options

Plug N Track GPS has partnered with premiere cellular network carriers to provide seamless coverage across Canada. Store and Forward technology in Plug N Track devices allow for the vehicle to be outside of real-time cellular coverage areas without losing any data. All vehicle activity, up to 10,000 positions, is stored and transmitted upon return to cellular coverage. That said, our premiere cellular partners provide coast to coast coverage.

Rogers GPS Tracking

An industry leader for over 25 years Rogers delivers an ultimate network experience that more than 9 million Canadians count on.
Rogers Coverage Map

Rogers Coverage GPS Tracking


Note: New CRTC Extended Coverage may not apply in your area.

Bell GPS Tracking

Bell Mobility and its affiliates have 8 million subscribers and was the first to launch LTE speeds in Canada.
Bell Coverage Map

Bell Coverage GPS


Note: New CRTC Extended Coverage may not apply in your area.



U.S GPS Cellular Coverage

With an optional add-on to any of the Plug N Track GPS Service Plans you get cellular coverage across North America (Canada and the United States) — on a single monthly service plan with either Rogers or Bell in Canada and AT&T in the USA.

AT&T Coverage GPS Tracking