Fleet Leaderboard by Driver


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Advanced: Driver Based Fleet Leaderboard Report


The Advanced: Driver Based Fleet Leaderboard report has been added to your account! This is in addition to the Advanced: Fleet Leaderboard report (the asset-based Advanced: Fleet Leaderboard report continues to be available in your account). The new report provides users with the same great information as the Advanced: Fleet Leaderboard report except that it’s generated by registered driver data rather than the asset itself. It’s an easy to understand interactive report loaded with essential data and features to help you manage your fleet!

  • Rank Your Top 10 Drivers
  • Drilldown by Driver and Event
  • Graphical Summaries over any Time Period

What is it?

A replicate of one of our flagship reports, the Advanced: Driver Based Fleet Leaderboard report provides a high-level view of the driving behavior of your drivers using your registered Driver ID data. It allows the viewer to compare the most active drivers with relation to Idling, Aggressive Driving, Distance Travelled and Engine Utilization. Clicking on any of the Idling or Aggressive Driving bars also provides a drill-down to each event in that category. This drill-down data contains the date, time, location and type of event that has occurred in its specific category. Fleet Leaderboard by Driver

 What would you use it for?

  • Managing Driver Behavior
  • Managing Utilization
  • Confirming Trends

Need some training?

To ensure you get the most out of your GPS tracking and fleet management solution, we include free training and support. If you ever have a question or need a refresher, we’ve got you covered! Arrange for a training session customized to your needs.