Fleet Management

Mobile Apps

Your fleet business doesn't stop when you’re away from the office. The Plug N Track GPS mobile app allows you to access key information about your vehicles, trailers, equipment or other mobile assets.
Track and view real-time GPS location live on the map. See detailed trip history and captured events like speeding, hard braking, excessive acceleration or idling. Run your fleet as easily from your Smartphone as you do from the office.

Access key information about your fleet at any time. See the location of all of your vehicles or other mobile assets and their current status from multiple mapping views including Road, Satellite, and Street view. Visually replay any trip in detail to confirm activity and routes taken. Identify the location and details of events like speeding, aggressive braking, and acceleration and navigate to your fleet assets, breadcrumbs, or any location on the map.


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"The app is amazing"

VP, Field Service Co.

Finally a management tool I can take with me instead of trying to scale a full-size web interface. Gives me what’s needed to track and manage jobs - anytime, any place. Easy to use and simple to learn.